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Three Days Grace – Life Starts Now (2009) Album Review!

Life Starts Now is the third studio album by Canadian rock band Three Days Grace.
The album was released on September 22, 2009.
It is the band’s second album produced by Howard Benson,
after its commercially successful predecessor One-X. It has been officially certified Platinum in Canada.
It was certified Gold in the US on March 1, 2011 .

Life Starts Now as a record about “confronting life and how fragile it can be.

Life Starts Now Is The Most Recent Yet Old Album They Have Released, Very Different Too The Older 2 Albums
Three Days Grace Have Released, Canadian Band Three Days Grace Go For An Album About Home Life After
Awhile Out Of Tour And Living Home Life.

Personally I Think It’s A Great Album, Better Than Their Self Tittled Album “Three Days Grace”
But I’m Not The Only 1 Thinking Is It Better Than 2006 Album “One X”… Personally
Life Starts Now Is Good But Not On The Level Of “One X”… One X Album By Three Days Grace Was Better/Or
In Some Axpects The Same Level… From Concepts Like Coming Out Of Rehab, Drug Addiction & Alcohol Issues (One X) Too
Home Life, Personal Life Issues (Life Starts Now) Is A Big Step, Risky In All Cases But Worth It Because
Of A New Twist Of Style By The Band… All Due Respect Too Them They Did A Great Job On The Album
But I Do Hope There Next Album Will Be On The Level Off Their 2006 Album “One X”… They Have Built There
Own Standards, And I Hope They Could Break It This Year Or In 2012.

1. “Bitter Taste” 4:02
2. “Break” 3:13
3. “World So Cold” 4:03
4. “Lost In You” 3:53
5. “The Good Life” 2:53
6. “No More” 3:45
7. “Last to Know” 3:27
8. “Someone Who Cares” 4:52
9. “Bully” 3:39
10. “Without You” 3:34
11. “Goin’ Down” 3:06
12. “Life Starts Now” 3:08

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